Health screening is important for all of us: once we know where we stand (how well we are, or are not) we have the opportunity to make changes. Your Sanlam wellness programme includes free pharmacy-based screening nationwide as well as a powerful online wellness assessment for this reason. But there are also workplace wellness days at selected sites each year. These offer weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and HIV screening in a professional and confidential manner. For cost and logistics reasons we cannot offer this service at every site but we do try to reach most major sites to cover as many staff as possible.

Current arrangement regarding workplace health screening

For those offices that have a workplace clinic, the clinic is offering health screening – please see details to the right on this page.

To see the clinic sister for health screening you must please complete the full form (except the clinical measurements and results of course) and take it to the clinic with you. The form is here:


Then you can just go along to the clinic but we do suggest you phone ahead to schedule and appointment or at least to check how busy the clinic is (we need to minimise queues or congestion for health reasons). The clinic phone numbers are shown below (click to enlarge).

Please NOTE: This screening is covered by your medical aid preventative care benefits and will not be deducted from your savings or day-to-day benefits, unless the benefit has already been used in the 2020 calendar year, Please remember to bring along your medical aid card.

Sanlam Reality members can earn up to 10 000 tier points when completing the basic health screening, saving time and money. Remember to give Sanlam Wellness permission to share your results with Sanlam Reality