Getting quality healthcare when you need it is not always easy. Balancing this with the demands of work adds to the challenge. This is where workplace clinics come in. These clinics offer primary healthcare services including the treatment of minor ailments & medical conditions, emergency support & first aid, family planning, advice & counselling, referrals, and health check-ups. Clinics are staffed by professional nurses and all services are fully confidential. The service is either free or offered at a nominal-charge for Sanlam-Group employees..

A number of workplace clinics are currently in operation with the Sanlam Group, as you can see on the right. Please contact us ( if you think a clinic might work in your work-world.

In 2020 we cannot offer the normal workplace health-screening (wellness day) service, due to Covid-19. But we can offer free health screening from the workplace clinics. You just need to download and complete the full form (leave the measurements and results blank) and then take it along to the clinic – the form is HERE. Please contact the clinic first to make an appointment or at least to check how busy the clinic is (we need to minimise queues please). The clinic phone numbers are below (click to enlarge).

Please NOTE: This screening is covered by your medical aid preventative care benefits and will not be deducted from your savings or day-to-day benefits, unless the benefit has already been used in the 2020 calendar year, Please remember to bring along your medical aid card.

Sanlam Reality members can earn up to 10 000 tier points when completing the basic health screening, saving time and money. Remember to give Sanlam Wellness permission to share your results with Sanlam Reality