“Healthy looks different on every body”

IGNITE gives you the unique opportunity to take charge of your health and wellness in the comfort of your own home or office. We’ve put together an all-in-one package, which will assist you, step by step on your journey in making healthier choices. Our program has a vast amount of services, from live streamed workout sessions, nutritional workshops to virtual monthly weigh-ins, just to name a few. You will be supported by an online community of highly specialised professionals such as Dietitians, Biokineticists and Personal Trainers. We are hoping for you to have fun, whilst creating the framework for your body’s blueprint, in making this a sustainable life-change.


Virtual Weigh in Session #2 05/10/2020
Welcome to IGNITE Cycle 2
Different Exercise Modalities With Kobus Verster (Presentation)
Different Exercise Modalities With Kobus Verster
Think Yourself Slim with Monique
Kilojoules in Context with Monique Dietician
How to Read a Food Label with Monique Piderit
Training at your own pace. How to get started. (Video)
Training at your own pace. How to get started (Presentation)
Week 7: Exercise Class Shape & Tone with Coach TK
Week 6: Exercise Class Kick & Tone with Coach TK
Week 5: Shape & Tone with Coach Lindiwe
Week 4: Aerobic Dance Class with Coach Monique
Week 3: Body Conditioning Coach TK
Week 2: Step & Move with Coach Lindiwe
Week 1: Shape and Tone with Coach Julia
1380kcal Weight Loss Meal Plan
1400kcal Weight Loss Meal Plan
1500kcal Weight Loss Muscle Toning Meal Plan
1600kcal Vegetarian  Meal Plan incl. Milk, Egg & Cheese
1700kcal General Meal Plan

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