Here is your chance to get or be more active and win some rewards at the same time. There will be three R500.00 voucher individual winners each month (random draw from everyone who has entered at least 10 days of steps-per-day data) .

  • The forms are on the right.
  • Once entered you simply log your daily steps (at least 10 days per month to qualify for the prizes).
  • Please note that the step-tracking form will only allow data entry for the 15 days before the date of data-entry so you need to visit and enter data at least every 15 days.
  • You cannot enter steps for dates prior to your first entry/enrolment.
  • Privacy: this campaign requires that some of your data (identifying data and steps per day data) is shared with those involved in awarding prizes etc. By taking part you consent to this.

You can use any pedometer or smart-phone app (just search for “pedometer” in your App Store) to count your steps-per-day and then you just need to record them here on the wellness website.

Winners will be chosen at the end of each month February to November inclusive.

Full competition details are HERE

Individual Enrolment